Yelp – Closter School & Camp

    5 star rating  Both of my children attended the camp for 2 years and love it. Every time they come home they ask how much time do we have to go back to camp. The staff is exceptional, informative and communicative with parents.... read more

    Allison F. Avatar Allison F.

    5 star rating  I highly recommend this camp after sending all 3 of my kids there for 3 summers. My kids, who are on the timid side, were excited to go to camp each morning. The counselors greeted them by name and escorted... read more

    Christine L. Avatar Christine L.

    5 star rating  So happy that we have chose to send our very active 5 year old son to PCDC. Highly impressed with the facilities, scheduled activities and most importantly counselor engagement.  Each day he has come home with a smile and has... read more

    Karin T. Avatar Karin T.

    5 star rating  I honestly do think this is a really great school for my kids. My son graduated last year from the upper school, and he was kindergarten ready  this past fall.  Now my 2 year old daughter is enrolled in the... read more

    Rohini K. Avatar Rohini K.

Yelp – Fort Lee School & Camp

    5 star rating  My four-year old attends this school. The teachers are loving, trustworthy, and professional. There's good "outside" activities like music, movement, theatre, sports, etc. They also have afterschool activities you can sign up for (kung fu, cooking, science etc).  Two outdoor... read more

    Stephen R. Avatar Stephen R.

    5 star rating  Both my children have attended this school for multiple years, both for the regular school year and summer camp. Both started in the toddler class and have moved their way up. This school is truly a gem and I am... read more

    A C. Avatar A C.

    5 star rating  My nephew attends Palisades Pre-School and does not stop raving about his teachers! The faculty goes above and beyond to make sure all students are engaged and constantly learning. I love picking up my nephew each day to see him... read more

    Margarit N. Avatar Margarit N.

    3 star rating  My son never wanted to go to pre K in Japan, but he loves here! On Sunday, he asked me, "Why no school today?" I was like "what did you say!?!?!?" I couldn't believe that he wants to go to... read more

    Yuko O. Avatar Yuko O.

Facebook – Closter School & Camp

    5 star rating  I love how this school balances academics, art, music, socialization and physical activity. The teachers and all of the staff are incredibly nurturing and very loving to all of the children. They are patient and kind, and are the exact... read more

    Christine Duprey Fingeroth Avatar Christine Duprey Fingeroth

    5 star rating  Palisade Country Day School is a wonderful institution! We absolutely love it there as do our children! We have been sending our 4 boys here for over 7 years and can't imagine a better place for them to learn. The... read more

    Daniel Reiser Avatar Daniel Reiser

    5 star rating  A wonderful nurturing school with great teachers, aides and administrators who put your child's needs first. My son loves all his teachers and can't wait to begin his day at school everyday.

    John Hsu Avatar John Hsu

    5 star rating  My daughter Torrey went to this school. She loved her teachers! Their summer day camp program was incredible. She loved loved loved this place.

    Lisa Rose Centeno Avatar Lisa Rose Centeno

Facebook – Fort Lee School & Camp

    5 star rating  Excellent school with wonderful teachers and staff! My son looks forward to going to school and camp each day.

    Kimberly Inzano Chun Avatar Kimberly Inzano Chun

    5 star rating  THE BEST PRE-SCHOOL!!!!!
    Every day my 4 years old comes home talking about something new he learnt at school , I couldn't be happier !!!!
    Big thanks to his teachers, and the best part when he tells me , mommy do... read more

    Moi Unique Avatar Moi Unique

    5 star rating  A safe, fun and recently renovated pre-school where I have seen my two girls grown from little toddlers to happy, socialable, responsible and disciplined little girls. The teachers are caring, loving and experienced and I highly recommend the school to everybody!

    Benjamin Tang Avatar Benjamin Tang

    5 star rating  All four of our children attended Palisades Pre-School and Kindergarten, who still continue to flourish today because of their solid "good beginning." Each and every teacher, staff member and special guest has made a wonderful impact on our precious... read more

    Ani Kradjian-Gerber Avatar Ani Kradjian-Gerber

Google – Closter School & Camp

    5 star rating  My son has been coming to PCDC or the past 2 years. It’s was the best decision we could have made!! The entire staff is so caring and they truly engage in all activities with the children.It is a safe... read more

    Renee Belmonte Avatar Renee Belmonte

    5 star rating  We love Palisades Country Day. The teachers and office staff are absolutely amazing and go above and beyond in creating a caring and nurturing environment for our son. The summer camp is also fantastic and extremely well run. I could... read more

    Monica Goldklang Avatar Monica Goldklang

    5 star rating  My 4-year-old daughter likes school Teachers are very kind, professional and passionate. There are several classes, so it's good to be able to teach children the right level by dividing them by level.

    Jerry Kim Avatar Jerry Kim

    5 star rating  we decided to change schools for our 4 year old daughter on her last year of nursery school. The staff at palisades are so great and our daughter loves going to school!! We are so happy with our decision, we... read more

    Melanie Roman Avatar Melanie Roman

Google – Fort Lee School & Camp

    5 star rating  I see my child’s tremendous improvements since she ever gone to this school. The way she speak, her knowledge, and her over all behavior just became so much better!

    Jade Zhang Avatar Jade Zhang

    5 star rating  It’s hard to put into words what it means to me to have had my children go through Palisades Preschool and Kindergarten of Fort Lee. My niece went to this school 20 years ago and I always kept... read more

    il Fresco Avatar il Fresco

    5 star rating  When I searched for a preschool for my toddler I didn’t know where to start. There were so many to choose from. So I began visiting various schools every week and the day I visited Palisade Preschool my search... read more

    Nalini Subramanya Avatar Nalini Subramanya

    5 star rating  The Palisades Preschool has been around for over 50 years which is a true testament to this institution. Our son has been in the school for his formative years and his development has been truly amazing. He has grown socially... read more

    A. G. Passer Avatar A. G. Passer