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Palisades Preschool & Kindergarten

“Good Beginnings Never End”

Having a choice of the perfect environment for your child is important, which is why Palisades offers parents a variety of classes from which to choose.  Classes are designed to enrich both the mind and character of every student - providing individualized approaches to learning within an environment rich in fun, phonics, language instruction and self-esteem building activities.


from Carla G:

“What can I say? This is my fourth child at Palisades Preschool… it is a beautiful, nurturing place where all my children have learned so much and have been given the gift of loving school!!! I love all the teachers and the staff! They are amazing to the children. I’m sad to say this is our last year at Palisades Preschool.”

from Katie K:

“We appreciate the incredible school experience you have created for Maddie. Her love of learning and passion for art & music is in large part due to her daily experiences at school. Our goal was for her to enjoy going to school everyday and the next. I’m confident we have accomplished that!”

from Marisa K:

“I can’t tell you how happy I have been sending both of my children to Palisades Preschool. Both Zachary and Harlow started out as toddlers and moved through each year gaining knowledge skills and blossoming into children ready for elementary school. Each teacher brings their unique style and personality to the classroom and tailors their curriculum to meet the needs of the children. Everyone in the school has always gone above and beyond for our family.”

from Charline V:

“I put two children through the program and couldn’t be happier! The staff are amazing. They are all warm and so loving. I highly recommend Palisades Preschool and Kindergarten. It is an unforgettable experience!”

from April M:

“Having had 3 children in 3 different preschools - we are confident we finally got it right with Palisades Preschool!”

from Frank & Lourdes G:

“My wife and I are committed to the idea of “family”. Our daughters are everything to us. They are our top priority. We’ve bestowed all of our trust in Palisades Preschool. That trust has been paid back to us a thousand times over. You have exceeded all expectations and we will always be grateful for you. We’ve put the love we have for our daughters in your hands. As parents, there is no greater compliment we can give you.”

from Anna F.:

“I feel lucky and grateful to bring my daughter to Palisades Preschool. She loves her school, her teachers, and her classmates. The teachers are genuinely affectionate and simply wonderful. The children are learning so much. The activities are varied and great: art, music, gym and much more. The atmosphere in the school is warm and welcoming. It does feel like a family. I recommend our school to all my friends with young children.”

from Amy and Ben T.:

“We are thrilled to have our kids at PPS. They started in the summer camp program at 2 years old. We have seen their cognitive, social and language skills progress since then. We specially like the mix of structure and open/free classroom settings. The teachers and staff are loving and patient but also sets clear rules and guidelines for the children and attend to each child’s varying needs differently. They help our kids to be more independent. The girls acquire some excellent routines and habits, e.g., sitting still when eating and no fussing at nap time. They learn sharing, courtesy, politeness and kindness. The class size is ideal and days are flexible. Now the school even has earlier drop off and later pick up.”

from ShenYing L.:

“When my son started at Palisades Preschool he was unable to communicate with the other children. We relocated to the US in 2013, that was his fresh start for him. The teachers are so nice. Palisades Preschool provided a warm and loving environment for my son to spread his wings. He has learned so much in the past year. He loves going to school everyday. I love all the art projects he brings home and the extra activities for the entire family. This experience has been fun for the whole family!”

from Jennifer P.:

“Our son is in the Toddler full-day program. When he comes home from school I ask him, “How was school today?” he always replies, “School happy!”. It’s heart-warming and I know he is taken care of very well. His teachers are very caring and teach him new things every day in a patient and consistent manner. They foster sharing and positive interactions. We are very happy with Palisades Preschool! The curriculum, which includes music & science lessons, is excellent.”

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