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Our “open door” policy encourages our parents to visit their child’s school. Our doors are securely locked and you must be “buzzed in”.  If we do not know you, you will be asked to provide photo ID.  Once you have signed in, you are free to use our one-way observation windows to observe your child without them observing you.

Our school has become a “melting pot” of children from every part of the world.  On-going activities enable parents and children to share their ethnic backgrounds with us.  Our International Month invites our parents to come into their child’s classroom to share stories, treasures and of course delicious food to enjoy. What a wonderful learning experience! 

Winter concerts and celebrations of all holidays including Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are considered special.  These times are a very important part of teaching our children the value of families, their heritage and what they symbolize.

Grandparent’s Month is a wonderful celebration of important people in our lives.  They are recognized with a special day to spend in their grandchild’s classroom, reading stories, sharing a snack and just getting lots of hugs!

Our monthly “Make a Difference” projects teach the children about caring for those in need. Whether sharing food items for the Center for Food Action, toys for “Toys for Tots”, collecting much needed items for local animal shelters, goodies for our military overseas or gently used books for inner-city children to read and re-read. Children come to realize that each one of us can indeed “make a difference”.

“Kids Club” is available.  “Before-Care” begins at 7:30 am and “After-Care” runs until 6:00 pm, Monday through Friday.

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Fort Lee:   201-947-3898
Closter: upper school (4 & 5 year olds) 201 784-7600 Ext 1
Closter: lower school (toddlers, 2 & 3 year olds) 201 784-7600 Ext 2