Palisades Preschool & Kindergarten

Fort Lee, NJ

Our Staff

Our entire staff constantly works towards the growth and development of the children, themselves, and our programs.  Our teachers possess a diversity of interests and talents, including warmth and a sense of humor, which they share with the children.  Teaching is a process that constantly renews itself.  Through their work, our teachers are continually growing, as are our children.

Teachers and staff are trained in child CPR and well-stocked first aid kits are maintained in each classroom.  Our teachers attend classes, workshops, and conferences to continue their professional development.  Information is shared amongst the staff and resources are constantly added to our school library.

The role of the teacher is to be a researcher, documenter, and supporter of learning and also to reflect on oneself as an educator. These elements are key.

Learning is viewed as a spiral process that occurs with constant revisiting.  Learning is continued and it goes deeper with each re-visitation.  Repetition is wonderful!

Our parents tell us that one of the greatest features of our school is that their children love coming to school each day.  At our schools, we know the process is the “educational content” as our children develop lifetime learning skills.

We all enjoy our journey to a better understanding of children and the many languages through which they express themselves.