Palisades Preschool & Kindergarten

Fort Lee, NJ

What Sets Us Apart

Our academic program constantly stimulates and challenges each child to its full potential. This is accomplished through various structured and play activities that are always age appropriate.

Arts and Athletics – At Palisades, we believe that fostering inner creativity and incorporating fun into the curriculum are important parts of the learning process.  That is where our Arts and Athletics Program comes in – a place where music, movement, games, and team activities round out our students’ growth and education. Throughout the year, students work with trained sports specialists and creative instructors dedicated to:

  • Following a specialized Sports Program that emphasizes the skills necessary to play an active role in team activities
  • Stressing team spirit over competition so that children have the ability to have fun and compete at the same time
  • Developing creativity and self-expression through aerobics and dance
  • A Music Program that teaches students about pitch, rhythm, melody, harmony, the art of performance, and musical instruments

Art classes expose the children to the different tools and techniques used by “the Masters.

Science classes, which stimulate thinking with magical experiments and their conclusions, have children “doing, exploring and learning.”

Nature classes are about the world around us and the mysteries that are found within the environment.  Challenging and exciting hands-on activities leave the children wanting to learn more.

Educational Field Trips are taken periodically to enhance learning about our community, community helpers, the local library, nature center, live theater performances, hospital tours, a visit to a dentist’s office, etc.

Language Lab – Spanish, French and Sign Language introduces numbers, colors, holidays, etc. to the children.

Manners and Character Education classes are on-going throughout the school year.  These classes provide the children with personality characteristics that will last a lifetime.

Nutrition and dietary awareness is introduced to the children various times throughout the year, and reinforced through nutritious snacks.

Computer Technology is fully integrated into Palisade’s programs with a computer in every classroom.

We are successfully using “Handwriting Without Tears,” a program that introduces children to the basics of handwriting tools.  With constant encouragement and exploration, the children become more confident of their ability to learn.

Make A Difference Program - Our monthly projects are a huge success.  Whether sharing food items for the Center for Food Action, toys for Toys ‘n Tots, collecting much needed items for local animal shelters, goodies for our military overseas, or gently used books for inner-city children to read and re-read, we teach the children about caring for those in need and that each one of us can indeed “make a difference.”