Cartooning With Alex Awesome Airplanes
Join Alex today for a tutorial on how to create beautiful airplanes! Get creative, add color, patterns and decorations to make it your own!
Creative Movement Yoga Around The World
Join Miss Diane on an exciting yoga adventure around the world! Find a spacious, calm area in your home and get ready to stretch and have some fun! Feel free to grab your brothers, sisters and family members while you explore the Amazon, take a hot air balloon ride in Asia and visit Mount Everest.
Dance Fusion American Patrol Tap Dance
Learn about Rhythm with instruments from around the house and then learn a basic tap dance routine with a patriotic flair! Never tap danced before? No problem! Take it slow and get the basics down with the incredible Miss Maureen from Professional Arts Academy.
Our Wild World With Mrs. Wonderwhy
This week we will learn about International Environmentalism and the effects of Ocean Plastic Pollution! After taking a deep dive into ways we can help our beautiful planet, we will get messy for a recycled craft!
Life Lesson Of The Week Setting Table
Have you seen the way Mrs. Potts sets the table from Beauty and the Beast? It's amazing! Learn how you can set the table for your family today and try it out with your homemade pizza or dinner this weekend! Take a picture of your set table and send it to Laura by Monday July 6th for a chance to week this week's WEEKLY CONTEST! Our winner will receive a free pizza from Rudy's!
Animal Encounter Reptar The Bearded Dragon
Get ready for our first Animal Encounter of the summer! Today you will meet Reptar the Bearded Dragon and learn about what makes him so loveable. Sit back, relax and take some notes if you would like!
Physical Friday’s All About Sports
Join Coach Toni for an energetic session on different sports played in the olympics. Find an open space, grab your cone and let's learn different ways to get our body warm and energized!
Join Miss Guerra for her first Kitchen Edition! Here she will be walking you through how to make your own dough and create your own delicious, gooey pizza! Make sure you measure your materials and have fun while cooking today! Let us know how they come out!
Photography Challenge Week 1
Join Miss Maureen for an extra lesson today on the basics of Photography! Not only is Miss Maureen an incredible dancer, she is also quite talented behind the camera lens! Today's challenge is to take photos of things that are red and flags that you can find around you and in your neighborhood when you're walking with your family. Snap some cool shots and share them with the PCDC team! Have fun.
Sunflowers In The Ukraine
Roll up your sleeves and get ready to plant your own flowers today with Miss Jen! Did you know that some sunflowers can grow taller than your house? Make sure you find the perfect, sunny spot for your pot and to give your flowers enough water!
Dance Fusion Trolls Just Sing
Let's sing, dance and have a good time with Miss Maureen today while we learn a skit from Trolls! Stretch your fingers and your toes and let's rock and roll!
Volcanic Eruptions With Mrs. Wonderwhy
Grab your big bag of goodies and get ready for some Geology! Do you know what the difference between magma and lava is? You will soon find out! Today we will learn about liquid hot magma and construct our very own volcanoes at home! -- Hey, what did one volcano say to the other volcano? I lava you!
BTS Chicken Noodle Soup with Miss Diane
Let it rain, then clear it out! Grab your new camp sunglasses and find an open space in your house. Today we will have a blast with Miss Diane while we learn a few new steps that will truly make us feel like the rock stars we are!
Electric Guitars With Alex:
Make sure your pencils are nice and sharp for this electrifying cartooning lesson! Take your time today making the curves on your guitar and adding extra flare to bring these instruments come to life! Rock out!
Rockstar Cookies with Mrs. Guerra
Mmmm fresh baked cookies are on the menu today! Yay! Let's roll up those sleeves, wash our hands and get ready for some chocolatey goodness. Every Rockstar deserves a cookie, so let's get to it!
Alex Teaches us how to Make the Bed
Learning how to make the bed is a skill that you will use throughout your entire life! Join Alex today while he teaches us how to make the bed before he can go see his friends. I bet your parents will be extra proud!
Ruby The Red Tailed Hawk
Get up close to the beautiful Ruby the Red Hawk. Learn about this amazing species of bird and how the Tenafly Nature helped her get healthy again!
Channelling Our Inner Track Stars
Every winner was once a beginner! Find a nice spacious spot for today's lesson on track and field events! Practice running, the long jump and shot put just like the Olympians!
Photo Challenge With Miss Maureen Week 2
This week we will keep our eyes peeled for SHAPES! Circle, rectangles, triangles, squares, oh my! Grab your families, take a stroll and snap some photos. You can do this!
PCDC’s Camp Cheer With Miss Diane
Bonus Alert! Learn PCDC's camp cheer and the super rockin' dance moves that go along with it. Practice a few times before we see Miss Diane later this afternoon so you can show off!
Rock With Chalk And Miss Jen
Is your sidewalk looking a little bland these days? Don't worry, we've given you all of the supplies you need to, "Bring a wave of rock across this land of ours." Take your time with Jen while you design a pattern, use bright colors and create the perfect stage for a rock concert!
Creative Movement Roar
Meet Miss Maureen for another exciting dance session! Today you will learn big moves that will make your body move and groove while feeling proud of what you can do and the amazing kid you are!
Mrs. Wonderwhy Bird Party
Birds are incredible animals! Get ready to learn all about birds and get messy with Mrs. Wonderwhy today while you make yummy bird cakes that will bring many new bird friends to your backyard!
Creative Movement Lion 1
Hakuna Matata, what a wonderful phrase! Grab your safari hat or animal mask for today's Creative Movement lesson with Miss Diane. After a few run-throughs, you'll be ready to get on the broadway stage!
Creative Movement Lion 2
Hakuna Matata, what a wonderful phrase! Grab your safari hat or animal mask for today's Creative Movement lesson with Miss Diane. After a few run-throughs, you'll be ready to get on the broadway stage!
Cartooning with Alex Safari
Make sure those pencils are nice and sharp for today's cartooning lesson with Alex. Today you will learn how to draw a lion and an elephant!
Turtle Sun Catchers with Jen
Roll up your sleeves and get ready for another incredible creation with Miss Jen. Today, grab an adult to help you shave down some crayons and create a beautiful turtle shell that will surely bring light into your home.
Photography Challenge Animals
Today is all about finding animals to take photos of! Whether you grab your pet, check your bird-day cakes or find your favorite stuffed animal, make sure you keep your camera still and try your best for today's challenge!
Mrs. Guerra Monkey Quesadillas
We hope you are ready for something sweet! Today we will be melting chocolate spread on delightful tortillas and adding juicy fruits for a delicious snack or dessert!
Tenafly Nature Turtle
Join our friends from Tenafly Nature today to learn all about the Star, the Eastern Box Turtle! Did you know that some turtles have scales on their shells? Cool!

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