Kimmy Schwimmy
Closter Specialist, Music

I have been working at Palisades since 2007. During the school year, I provide Mommy and Me classes; as well as, music enrichment for the toddler classes. In the summer, I perform a mini show during morning cheer involving the children who want to join me on stage. I also conduct the summer Broadway elective, and entertain the tiny tots each day with my music classes.  My unique form of music classes use fun and engaging props such as dinosaur finger puppets, ribbons, drums, shakers, and a parachute. . I love writing songs for this age group I embody the “It’s all about fun” and “good beginnings never end” Palisades slogans in every way.  I love basketball and jumping out of planes (with a parachute of course!). I am learning to fly a small plane and love it so much it inspired me to write a song to teach children the aviation alphabet (a universal alphabet). As a mother of two boys and a girl, I love being a mom that has also transformed into a friendship. My passion for working with children in the preschool arena comes from the age being so magical, new, and fresh.