Elizabeth Liebscher
Closter Lower School

My name is Elizabeth “Liz” Liebscher and I am thrilled to join the Palisades Country Day School as a teacher’s assistant. I began at Palisades as a summer lifeguard in 2019. I enjoyed working with young children so much that when I was asked to substitute for the school year I jumped at the opportunity to make a difference, build connections, and learn hands-on about the growth and development of children ages 2-6. After “learning the ropes” at the school and experiencing all of the various ages at Palisades I was asked to join as a toddler and three-year-old teacher.

Currently, I am attending Montclair State University in the Special Education department and love melding my college curriculum with the knowledge and skills that I have acquired in the classroom. I am an Aunt twice over, enjoy music, playing video games, going to festivals, and taking care of my Rottweiler, Cora, all of which bring me enjoyment each and every day. I not only work at Palisades to gain valuable experience for my future career as a teacher, but I have also learned first-hand how children mature, how to listen to parents' concerns, and how to manage classroom routines, all while continuing my growth as an educational professional. My favorite part about working at Palisades is that I get to work with amazing staff and my best friend, my Mom!