Transitional Kindergarten – 4 & 5 Year Olds

Transitional Kindergarten is a combined class created for children who just make or just miss the public school cut-off for kindergarten. Having completed a four year old Pre-K program, these children may need a little extra time before moving on to a public school kindergarten class the following year (based on birth date).

  • In this class, children work together in small groups to develop their problem-solving abilities and social skills while simultaneously enhancing independent thinking.
  • Children are given constant support and are encouraged to reach their potential while increasing their attention span and developing life-long work habits.
  • Palisades encourages individual learning styles to emerge and be nurtured. We foster teacher and student interactions, sharing a variety of different experiences in a new way.
  • Teachers work with students on a one-to-one basis. Palisade’s low student-to-teacher ratio allows consistent communication, helping each child to:
  • Development beyond fundamental reading, writing, and math skills
  • Practice and reinforce learning through games, manipulative materials, media and the creative arts – all typically perceived by children as “play”
  • Strengthen reading skills by reading independently, and being read to, from an array of children’s literature and non-fiction titles
  • Fortify reading capabilities through repeated practice of letters and sounds in addition to the introduction of “beginning level” reading books. Children are also encouraged to write in a “free-flow” manner, without concerning themselves with correct spelling and punctuation (The Writing Process)
  • Learn about the world around them with a theme-based, integrated approach to social studies and science. This enables students to see the subtle connections across the curriculum and use newly acquired skills to learn more about plants, animals, the seasons, water, important holidays, and so much more.