Linda Charlop
Fort Lee, Teacher - Class 5

Palisades has been my home since 1993! During this time I’ve been a head teacher at the kindergarten and preschool levels. An art teacher with a program that introduces “Master Artists” and a reading teacher in the Enrichment program.

My daughter Rebecca attended Palisades from ages 3-5. She was a unique child who wanted to experience everything immediately! We were very fortunate to have the most extraordinary educators, like Mrs. Pat Lutrell who was a specialist in early child education. The hands on approach and introduction to social, academic, and creative experiences laid the foundation for her continuing education. Rebecca is now 27 and just became a doctor of optometry. Thank you Palisades for recognizing our “unique” children and guiding them to greatness.

Palisades is a place where young children can blossom and grow and discover creative and nurturing experiences. Our school fosters a lifelong quest and love for learning, building a strong foundation for social, emotional, academic, and physical growth. Every child who I had in my classes was unique with his/her own interests and learning style. Providing them with the space and opportunity to interact, learn and play in a meaningful environment with a small teacher to child ratio prepare the children for success. I strive to create opportunities for young children to become creators, artists, scientists, musicians, builders, and visionaries. We live by the motto “Good Beginnings Never End.”